14 Sep 2020

Patio projects dealing with material such as concrete require a great amount of planning and hard work to implement. As much as the quality of the concrete for your project, you always want the most experienced and professional contractors to get the job done. 

We are Pedron Concrete Contractors and we’re a back patio contractor in the Greater Vancouver region – Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby and surrounding areas. We’re a local, family-owned concrete and excavation business providing exceptional contracting services since 1996. We specialize in projects concerning concrete pumping, forming, placing, and surface finishing. 

We are also a concrete parking lot contractor in the Greater Vancouver area with reliable staff to meet the satisfaction of all our customers. If you’d like to ask us any more questions, feel free to call us at (604)-936-8484. 

We’ll go over a little bit on the process of concrete placing, forming, and the finishing process. We’ll also recommend tips in searching for the right contractor for your project. 


How Do I Get an Affordable Backyard Patio Built?

To build your ideal backyard patio at an affordable cost, it’s important to us that you understand the process of concrete pumping, placing, and finishing. We take great care in making sure these processes are done to avoid any problems. 

We first select the best quality ingredients in our concrete mix, taking into account the density and sturdiness of the final product. Our contractors pay attention to water ratios, aggregate size, and chemical admixtures among others. An improper concrete mix can lead to a shoddy, weak material that will crumble under pressure. 

From there, it’s all about the timing of the concrete pouring process. It must be synchronized with the finishing process of smoothing out the concrete. Pouring the mix too fast can result in the inability to properly reinforce the structure. Our contractors carefully work through this process to not only make sure the concrete is strong and durable, but also that your backyard is clean. 

The last task to complete to attain the perfect backyard patio is concrete finishing. This refers to the final treatment of the concrete slab by pushing a flat blade over the concrete to flatten it out. It is then floated and troweled to help create a smooth exterior. Shortly after the concrete hardens, we use an electric tool to rough up the surface and provide traction to prevent humps or imperfections. 

Once everything is complete, you’ll have the perfect foundation for the backyard patio of your dreams. 


How Do I Find a Good Concrete Contractor? 

A good contractor for patios always has your best interests in mind. At Pedron, we provide end-to-end services, superior workmanship, and unbeatable quotes to help kickstart your backyard patio project. 

Among the criteria to finding the contractor right for you, your contractor should offer custom solutions on concrete placing, forming, and finishing. They should take into account the uniqueness of your project and can be flexible when it counts. 

Your contractor should also possess industry leading expertise while following the highest standard of quality and safety. They should have the necessary hands-on experience, knowledge, and skills to handle both commercial and residential concrete projects. 

Our contractors at Pedron utilize only the best equipment for the job and deliver proven results with our dedicated professionalism. We want projects like a backyard patio to have longevity and durability during the toughest times. 

If you find a concrete contractor with most of these qualities, you can be assured that your project will come to fruition thanks to their help. 


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