17 Feb 2021
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The grass is greener on the other side – or is it? Replacing your grass lawn doesn’t have to look like a barren desert. Lower maintenance concrete lawns are becoming more prominent on the Canadian front and backyards as an alternative to traditional grass yards. 

Decreasing the amount of grass on your property can decrease your bills, create a modern aesthetic, and reduce harmful fertilizers usage.

Our dependable concrete contractors in Burnaby, BC have helped thousands of clients in achieving their desired concrete objectives with skilled experience and positive customer service. Whether you are looking to remodel your courtyard, front yard, backyard patio or walking pathways, we can provide you with expert concrete pouring and finishing services.

Our concrete sidewalks contractors in Vancouver are industry qualified in concrete pumping, finishing, and forming. Pedron Contracting can advise you on how to make your concrete objectives a reality, all within an affordable price range. 

Concrete is proven to be a tenacious material in harsh Canadian climates and is a top material used in driveways, front entrances, sidewalks and patios. Our concrete services are a superior alternative to turfgrass. We show you why.


Benefits of Concrete Pouring Over Grass Lawns

Summer is approaching and you can’t wait to spend it cooking up something tasty on the barbecue. But wait, you have to mow and water your lawn first. Concrete front and backyards allow you to enjoy your time exactly how you want it. Here are some additional benefits of concrete projects over traditional grass lawns:

Savings on your Water Bill Less grass means less need for watering. Less water usage results in a drastic cut in your water bill meaning more money in your pocket long-term.
Reduced Maintenance Concrete doesn’t need constant upkeep to remain in excellent condition. Spend your evenings admiring your lawn instead of maintaining it.
Environmentally Friendly Concrete does not contain any toxic elements and chemicals that can be found in grass fertilizer.
Aesthetically Pleasing A garden concrete path enhances any outdoor entryway. We will work with your specific designs in mind to transform your ideas into reality.


Concrete Projects That Enhance Your Home Better Than Grass Turf

Front and backyards should be welcoming. Install an inviting concrete project to enhance your home’s value and create an inviting environment for your guests. 

Exposed aggregate concrete is a modern way to enhance your front and backyard. The unique colour and texture it provides over grass give your home an overall stylish aesthetic. Our concrete finishing services include high gloss sealing that protects your concrete from oil and rust stains.

Walking Pathways A concrete pathway doesn’t have to be boring. It can provide a passage through your yard and welcomes visitors to your home while integrating your unique architectural design. Where grass pathways need frequent maintenance, concrete pathways remain beautiful for a long period of time.
Frontyard Convert a weedy lawn into an inviting area for your family and friends. A concrete front yard will increase the time you spent with your loved ones and decrease the need for lawn-mowing.
Backyard Patio The backyard patio serves as the central spot for entertaining guests during warm months or a reclusive area for tranquil self-reflection. Our concrete projects will make your patio look expensive while keeping you within your budget.


Reduce Maintenance and Save on Water Bills – Call Our Concrete Contractors in Burnaby, BC

Increase your home’s value and enhance its aesthetic with concrete lawns. Our experienced contractors can work with your unique project to help your vision come to life. Get a quote here, or contact us at info@pedroncontracting.com.


05 Jan 2021
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Pedron Contracting offers highly skilled concrete patio contractors that work with all of our clients to ensure that their concrete projects come to fruition no matter the season. 

Contrary to popular belief, concrete forming can be properly placed, finished and cured in the winter. Pedron Contracting has specialized in concrete pumping, forming, placing and finishing services through all Canadian weather conditions. We take the extra precautions for you so don’t have to worry about the safety of your project.

We have served Metro Vancouver and the surrounding area, offering all of our clients custom solutions, hands-on knowledge and skills, affordable prices and industry-leading expertise.


Best Practices in Concrete Forming in the Winter

Winter can add extra risks to finishing your concrete project. It is highly advised to hire our services to help you with concrete pouring during the winter, as we can offer valuable advice and produce optimal results. We want to see our clients’ concrete surfaces succeed no matter the weather conditions and here are some precautions to keep in mind:


Pay attention to the temperature of the ground: The air temperature may be above 0 degrees, but the ground might be frozen. Pouring concrete on frozen ground results in premature cracking.

Add additional cement to your mix: Freshly poured concrete can lose 50% of its effectiveness within the first 24 hours if it is frozen.  Extra cement will strengthen the foundation of your concrete and ensure proper installation.

Add hot water instead of cold: Hot water stabilizes the concrete’s temperature during plunging conditions. Hot water will ensure the concrete can be properly poured.

Crucial Tips for Curing Concrete in the Winter

It is highly recommended and advisable to hire our company to assist you in your concrete curing during the winter months. Pedron Contracting will efficiently produce the correct concrete results that you ask for and we are aware of the additional factors that have to be considered such as:

Maintaining a proper ratio of water and cement mixture

Using external heating options when dealing with temperature under 4 degrees Celsius.

Checking the temperature of the concrete while it is curing

Using concrete sealants to increase the life expectancy of the project

After the concrete mixture has been poured, it has to be properly covered with insulated blankets to properly cure the concrete

Concrete curing is not a difficult task in the winter if you have our skilled contractors helping you out. We follow proper concrete curing and forming standards that will minimize the cracking of your concrete project.


We Guarantee an Excellent Concrete Finish

A concrete finish is crucial to maximizing the lifespan of your concrete. Pedron Contracting will ensure a solid concrete finish that increases the strength of your concrete surface, reduces surface permeability and decreases the chances of cracking over long periods of time.

We optimize your concrete pouring and curing by eliminating the risk of premature concrete splitting. We dedicate ourselves to providing the utmost customer satisfaction while producing high-quality services. 

Pedron Contracting specializes in superior concrete projects. We take pride in our high-quality craftsmanship and customer service. If you need to make your concrete project come to life during winter, Pedron Contracting will help you achieve that goal.

Your concrete project should be left in the hands of knowledgeable experts. We want to help you accomplish all your concrete projects, no matter the weather conditions. 

 To get a quote with one of our contractors, contrast us 24/7 at  info@pedroncontracting.com

07 Dec 2020
Snowy Sidewalk

Winter is Coming and Pedron Contracting is Ready

Winter is rapidly approaching and winterizing your concrete surfaces is crucial to maintaining its best quality. Pedron Contracting can help you avoid concrete and asphalt damage by properly assessing your surfaces to reduce deterioration during harsh months.

Pedron Contracting has been serving the Metro Vancouver area for the last 24 years, and we have seen our fair share of winters. Our expert contracting team has helped thousands of people winterize their surfaces to further save them on expenses and hefty replacement costs. 

If you are currently debating whether to hire a licensed contractor or DYI’ing your winterized project, the best option is to trust a professional.


Why Should You Winterize Your Outdoor Surfaces?

Hairline cracks that seem harmless during warmer weather can lead to unsafe walking spaces during the freezing winter months. Whether your driveway, asphalt or pavement has been visibly deteriorating, a licensed Pedron contractor has the proven knowledge and machinery to stop further damage. 

Though there are simple ways of slowing down the disintegration of your outdoor surface, like shovelling snow, using a hot-air blower to melt away snow and salting your surfaces periodically, concrete pumping and forming are best left to the licensed professionals. 

Besides providing leading industry professional advice, we offer dependable hands-on knowledge that helps the surfaces of your home or business remain safe during winter. 


Professionally Assessing Your Outdoor Surface 

Concrete pumping is advised to be administered only by a contracting expert, and it is highly discouraged to tackle it on your own as it requires heavy tools and professional machinery. Concrete pumping is essential to the integrity of concrete as it can successfully repair degraded surfaces that have arisen over the course of time; we offer expertise in concrete footings, structural pours to aid retaining walls and concrete columns, pumping for pools, slabs for floors and ceilings in high-rise buildings and provide radiant concrete floors. 

A concrete contractor can successfully appraise your pavement and asphalt and further offer credible and experienced advice in lengthening its concrete lifespan through all of winter’s harsh conditions. 


Why Doing-It-Yourself Can Cost Your More Financially

Concrete forming is imperative in reinforcing the structural integrity of your outdoor surfaces and we only enlist the best contractors in Greater Vancouver. Your renovations cannot function without a concrete form that enables your future project to assume the final shape while the iron, aluminum or plywood used creates a sturdy foundation. 

A Pedron contractor has the proper equipment and tools to create a high-standard winterized surface while trying to perform concrete forming by yourself can result in a weak concrete infrastructure that can deteriorate after a short period of time. 

Concrete Finishing Services

We pride ourselves on expert concrete finishing services that serve commercial, residential and industrial outdoor surfaces because, without proper concrete finishing, the job is not done. This crucial step allows the option of a slip-resistant veneer, eliminates unseen cracks and it makes the outdoor surface overall more aesthetically pleasing.

 Simply put, concrete finishing is integral to the proper maintenance of winterizing your outdoor surfaces as it eliminates errors that might have been missed with concrete pouring and pumping. 


An Experienced Licensed Contractor is Worth It in the Long Run

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe outdoor environment through all Canadian seasons, especially the unpredictable winter weather conditions. Hiring a licensed contractor is the best way to ensure that your driveway, asphalt and pavement doesn’t deteriorate after one Canadian blizzard. 

Start winterizing your outdoor surfaces with our licensed contractors and contact us at info@pedroncontracting.com


16 Nov 2020
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There is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day and enjoying your backyard with a cold drink in your hand. A concrete patio (stamped or poured) is extremely cost-effective and durable, and gives the impression of a well-groomed backyard without much effort; a concrete patio specifically, increases much value to your home compared to loose and mixed materials.

Pedron is a trusted concrete patio contractor dedicated to adding care and quality to all your concrete projects. Need a quote for your upcoming project? Don’t worry: it’s completely free. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call our administrative office at (604)-936-8484 or email us at info@pedroncontracting.com.

Expect top quality pumping, placing and Concrete finishing services with Pedron Contracting.


Why You Should Choose Us

 Pedron Contracting has been a strong customer-service based company with commercial and residential projects that provide durable, reliable and market-leading prices. Pedron Contracting prides itself on quality craftsmanship that has converted clients into loyal customers throughout the years within Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley and Burnaby. If you are in the area of Metro Vancouver in particular, Pedron is one of the best concrete forming contractors in Burnaby


Stamp(ing) and Pouring Out  The Competition 

A stamped concrete patio mixes sand, water, cement and gravel to produce industry-leading textured textile on the market, as it can resemble wood, flagstone and brick amongst others. If you are questioning if it is cheaper to build a deck or pour concrete, pouring concrete is the cheaper option. Along with being more cost-effective, concrete patios are much less slippery in the wintertime, less overall maintenance as they do not need to be power washed and stained every couple of years, a deck will have a shorter lifespan as they can fade and discolour from use and weather and a deck will have weight restrictions where the concrete patio does not.

Stamped Concrete comes in a variety of different colours and textures and it is prepared onsite, meaning that you can change the shade of colour right until the moment it is poured. This sort of patio textile appears a tad more luxurious than poured, solid concrete but it also needs a little more care and treatment over the years as they can eventually crack. A concrete patio is no thicker than 6 inches, where an average is anywhere between 3-4 inches high.


What’s It Going To Cost Me?

The stamped, or paved concrete patio method costs anywhere from $8 to $12 per square foot, and it is 3 times more expensive than regular poured concrete at $3 to $6 per square foot.

A poured concrete patio ranges from $2000 to $4000, where a stamped concrete patio is a little steeper ranging from $3000 to $5200. Where installing a concrete, poured or stamped, a patio can be an investment, there are some that suggest that you can stamp concrete to save from breaking the bank; because stamped concrete needs to be moulded on wet concrete, this method is only properly attainable by a licensed contractor.


Stamped Concrete vs Poured Concrete: So What’s the Verdict?

 If you are looking for a long-lasting patio, you should opt for the Stamped Concrete option. Though it is more expensive, it will last you twice as long as the poured concrete option. A stamped concrete patio is less maintenance, supports more weight than poured and it is customizable to suit your exact image. 

Whether you choose to enhance your patio with poured concrete or stamped concrete, it is always advisable to hire a concrete patio contractor. A licensed contractor has the appropriate knowledge, experience and top-of-the-line equipment to transform your vision into a reality. Pedron Contracting has over 20 years of expertise in concrete finishing services and can inform you of how you can keep your patio in the best possible condition. Stamped Concrete especially, needs to be installed by a licensed professional because the mix of cement and water determines the longevity and overall aesthetic of the patio. 

A stamped patio is well-worth the investment and it can transform your house into a forever home. Let Pedron Contracting help transform your ideas into a reality without emptying your wallet.


Turn to Trusted Patio Contractors in Metro Vancouver. Get a Quote: 604-936-8484


22 Oct 2020

Pedron Contracting is ready to exceed your expectations for any pumping, placing, finishing, and forming needs you have! Our quotes are not only affordable but also fully transparent and consistent.

Have the most skilled certified operators on your project, with years backed by experience, expertise, and a full breadth of projects to back you up. Our team works with anchoring, precast,  flatwork, foundational pours, high-rise construction, infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, road work and much more!

Need a quote for your upcoming project? Don’t worry: it’s completely free. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call our administrative office at (604)-936-8484 or email us at info@pedroncontracting.com.

13 Oct 2020
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Concrete is a huge part of any project. It can literally set the foundation for how the rest of development will go, that’s why you need only the best backing you up. With the right people who are experienced in concrete pumping, placing, finishing, and forming you will notice the difference. 

Pedron Contracting provides concrete finishing services, serving clients in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley, Surrey, and Richmond and surrounding areas. Whether you need concrete patio contractors, residential walls, sidewalks, or more Pedron Contracting can give you just what you need.


Concrete Pumping 

For your concrete pumping jobs, you want the best because everything can, quite literally, rest on this. You should go for teams with operators that are not only experienced but also certified by the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC). Once you know they are certified you can be confident in their own safety practices as well. Strictly following federal regulations and safety codes are integral to a successful job, to say the least. 

Having versatile options and types of concrete is a big benefit, this can help them better fit your needs and your specific job. Such options can range from fibre, fluid, foamed, self-compacting, lightweight or grout. They should also be able to fit your application no problem, having pumps cover stairs, walls, basements, porches, underpinning, suspended slabs, footings and much more.


Concrete Placing and Finishing

Depending on your vision and needs you might have different finishings for certain areas such as a floated, broomed or troweled finish and so finishing can be a bit of an involved process that takes time to get right. First up is working with quality ingredients with a proper mix, each component and the proportions in the mix will determine if the finished work is sturdy, crack-free, and can withstand any tough weather.

How the concrete is placed or poured, is integral to its final form. If it’s too fast it can easily lack compositional and physical integrity, giving you globs, air bubbles, cracks, and an uneven surface. Next finishing refers to the final treatment of the concrete, it is initially floated and trowled then after hardening there are different options on the finishing. Having the surface minorly roughed up to provide traction, adding in marble chips, tiles, pavers, and more.


Concrete Forming

Concrete forms are basically a barrier that reinforces the concrete, helping it maintain its shape and that it stays in place. This is especially important for shaped concrete, such as in more modern design buildings. Forms are integral to a proper concrete placing process, having a well designed and sturdy form is necessary to manipulate the concrete how you want confidently without any worries. 

Having the ability to create custom forms and accessories to accommodate any project whether big or small is a great sign of a company being dedicated to your project’s success and the life of the concrete involved. Insulating forms are also an option depending on the intended use of your concrete, they are non-removable and provide insulation by having a mix of materials like wood fibre and cement or plastic foam beads and cement.


Turn to the Most Trusted Concrete Contractors in the Greater Vancouver Area

Serving clients in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and surrounding areas

Pedron Contracting is ready to exceed your expectations for any pumping, placing, finishing, and forming needs you have! Our quotes are not only affordable but also fully transparent and consistent.

Have the most skilled certified operators on your project, with years backed by experience, expertise, and a full breadth of projects to back you up. Our team works with anchoring, precast,  flatwork, foundational pours, high-rise construction, infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, road work and much more!

Need a quote for your upcoming project? Don’t worry: it’s completely free. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call our administrative office at (604)-936-8484 or email us at info@pedroncontracting.com.

14 Sep 2020

Patio projects dealing with material such as concrete require a great amount of planning and hard work to implement. As much as the quality of the concrete for your project, you always want the most experienced and professional contractors to get the job done. 

We are Pedron Concrete Contractors and we’re a back patio contractor in the Greater Vancouver region – Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby and surrounding areas. We’re a local, family-owned concrete and excavation business providing exceptional contracting services since 1996. We specialize in projects concerning concrete pumping, forming, placing, and surface finishing. 

We are also a concrete parking lot contractor in the Greater Vancouver area with reliable staff to meet the satisfaction of all our customers. If you’d like to ask us any more questions, feel free to call us at (604)-936-8484. 

We’ll go over a little bit on the process of concrete placing, forming, and the finishing process. We’ll also recommend tips in searching for the right contractor for your project. 


How Do I Get an Affordable Backyard Patio Built?

To build your ideal backyard patio at an affordable cost, it’s important to us that you understand the process of concrete pumping, placing, and finishing. We take great care in making sure these processes are done to avoid any problems. 

We first select the best quality ingredients in our concrete mix, taking into account the density and sturdiness of the final product. Our contractors pay attention to water ratios, aggregate size, and chemical admixtures among others. An improper concrete mix can lead to a shoddy, weak material that will crumble under pressure. 

From there, it’s all about the timing of the concrete pouring process. It must be synchronized with the finishing process of smoothing out the concrete. Pouring the mix too fast can result in the inability to properly reinforce the structure. Our contractors carefully work through this process to not only make sure the concrete is strong and durable, but also that your backyard is clean. 

The last task to complete to attain the perfect backyard patio is concrete finishing. This refers to the final treatment of the concrete slab by pushing a flat blade over the concrete to flatten it out. It is then floated and troweled to help create a smooth exterior. Shortly after the concrete hardens, we use an electric tool to rough up the surface and provide traction to prevent humps or imperfections. 

Once everything is complete, you’ll have the perfect foundation for the backyard patio of your dreams. 


How Do I Find a Good Concrete Contractor? 

A good contractor for patios always has your best interests in mind. At Pedron, we provide end-to-end services, superior workmanship, and unbeatable quotes to help kickstart your backyard patio project. 

Among the criteria to finding the contractor right for you, your contractor should offer custom solutions on concrete placing, forming, and finishing. They should take into account the uniqueness of your project and can be flexible when it counts. 

Your contractor should also possess industry leading expertise while following the highest standard of quality and safety. They should have the necessary hands-on experience, knowledge, and skills to handle both commercial and residential concrete projects. 

Our contractors at Pedron utilize only the best equipment for the job and deliver proven results with our dedicated professionalism. We want projects like a backyard patio to have longevity and durability during the toughest times. 

If you find a concrete contractor with most of these qualities, you can be assured that your project will come to fruition thanks to their help. 


Want to Get a Free Quote? Contact Pedron Today!

Need a quote for your upcoming project? Don’t worry: it’s completely free. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call our administrative office at (604)-936-8484 or email us at info@pedroncontracting.com

11 Aug 2020
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No matter the scale of your concrete job, picking the right or wrong one can quite literally make or break your project. Finding the right contractor is not only important for your wallet but also the job further down the line, sometimes hiring the wrong fit or attempting the job on your own can lead to much more expenses and headache down the road.


Pedron Contracting is a fantastic concrete contractor in Vancouver dedicated to your best interests, giving you some of the best concrete finishing services in BC.


The first step to finding a concrete contractor

Obviously an initial first search is needed, finding whos in your area, who provides the service you need. Going to family and friends for personal recommendations is great to get an idea of who to work with, or avoid, and even a bit about the process if this is your first time. Having a good list of potential contractors is a great start to find the best fit for your project. 


The right experienced contractor will be an active participant throughout the whole process, not only giving you a quality job but also service, and information to make sure you understand and are satisfied with their work. The more time they spend to get to know your project and you the better they can fit their work to you, because concrete can have many options and additional things to help it better fit whatever you’ll use it for.


Now what should you ask a contractor?

A very important thing is to verify insurance, there’s always a possibility of something happening and you need to make sure you’re protected. Ask about their coverage and any limitations their insurance has such as dates. The next thing to ask for is references, even if they are personally recommended by a close friend it’s a great idea to look into their history and see what others think too. Knowing about the type of job, the timeline, the contractor’s communication and involvement throughout can be fantastic to know, especially if it is a similar job to yours. 


While talking with contractors and deciding who you might go with make sure to pay attention to how they respond and treat you and your project. You can tell a lot about a person by how they act, if they hesitate to answer your questions, don’t call you back, or seem standoffish you can take this as a sign to how they would treat the job as well. Likewise, if someone communicates well, responds to all your questions clearly, and works to make sure this job goes through you can take that as a good sign for their work further ahead. 


DIY Work vs a Contractor

Doing it yourself, especially for smaller projects, can seem very tempting and look like it saves you a lot of money, but more likely than not something can go wrong. The concrete doesn’t set right, is disturbed before it sets, mixing goes wrong, finishing done poorly, and more can go wrong without the right experience behind the work.


This can cost you in the long run, depending on how poorly concrete was poured it might have to be removed and completely repoured. A qualified contractor will be able to tell if a slab is sound and determine any imperfections, refinement, and finishing issues. 


Turn to a Trusted Concrete Contracting Firm in BC

Amazing Quotes You Can’t Resist!

Pedron Contracting is here to help you with all your concrete needs, from concrete placing, forming and to finishing.  Our team takes great pride in providing you with the best no matter the scope of your project and giving you the expertise you deserve.

Call us today at 604-936-8484 for a free quote.

14 Jul 2020
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Dealing with concrete can be serious business, laying down the foundation for a building, repairing, or more can be a make or break deal depending on what quality of service you get. It’s important to go for someone providing high-quality work of course, but what specifically for different areas of concrete work like pumping, forming, and placing and finishing depends.  Pedron Contracting is dedicated to giving you quality concrete finishing services in BC,  we serve a range of different areas including back patio concrete contractors in BC.


Differences in Pump Work Depending on the Pump Type

Pumping specifically aids in moving concrete to places where a concrete mixer truck cannot reach. There are two different types of pumps, the boom pump and the line pump, so its important to understand them and how they serve different purposes.  

Boom pumps use a remote-controlled boom, or robotic arm, to accurately pump large volumes of concrete.  Attached to a truck or semi-trailer, the vehicle typically stays in one spot and mixing trucks can load in more concrete directly into the pumps hopper. Because a boom pump is completely stationary this has the benefit of a much more efficient traffic flow on the worksite. 

Line pumps, or also called ground pumps, use a series of steel or rubber hoses to lead and place the concrete. Instead of a stationary positioning, a line pump is much more flexible and adjustable. Giving you great control over where the concrete goes.


Working on the Base and Laying the Groundwork with Forming

Formwork is the frame that holds the poured concrete while it cures and sets. This is especially useful for situations where the concrete has a unique structure and formation. There are two main types of formwork, temporary and permanent. Of course, living up to their namesakes a temporary form is removed after the concrete is fully cured, meanwhile a permanent form is left and never removed. 

Framing materials can depend on the project and whether they are permanent or temporary, materials can range from woods like plywood or timber, to steel. Formwork is used the create the perfect finish no matter your job, allowing for some creativity along with a reliable structure, letting you vary the design and thickness as necessary.  


Finishing Up and Protecting Your Concrete 

Any concrete that’s immediately visible will need some kind of finishing work to protect it, places like driveways, highways, patios, and some building interiors need it. The finishing technique depends on concretes use and has options like changing various colours and textures.  Finishing has a wide range of approaches such as screeding, bull-floating, jointing, and floating.

Screeding, or strike off, cuts off excess concrete bringing the surface of a slab to proper grade quality. Bullfloating removes high and low spots embedding aggregate particles right after strike off. Meanwhile, jointing is a required treatment to eliminate and unsightly cracks, adding in contraction joints with a hand groover or by inserting materials like wood, plastic, or metal into the unhardened concrete. 

After the concrete is jointed next it should be floated removing any imperfections, humps and more to give to you a clean surface. This also prepares the concrete for any future and additional finishing operations comparing the mortar of the surface.


Make Sure You Are Getting The Quality Concrete With a Certified Concrete Contractor in BC

No matter what your job or the intended use of the concrete it’s important to have the best on the job to give you some peace and security of mind. Concrete, from how it’s poured, how it’s distributed and cured, to how it’s finished are all important aspects and have an impact on quality of the work you receive. That’s why at Pedron Contracting we take great pride in providing you with our best to give you the expertise you deserve.


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23 May 2019

Whether you’re a city planner looking to repair damage to the public sidewalks or you’re looking for ways to spruce up and protect your residential property, cement contractors are there to help. Like anything else, having substantial knowledge beforehand can help ensure all parties are happy with the task at hand and the results thereafter. Concrete services require investment and commitment, ergo, having peace of mind prior to is essential. The city of Vancouver is beautiful and in-demand, ensuring it’s in tip-top shape in both functionality and aesthetically can help preserve the landscape of the booming city.


When purchasing a new house, going to the doctor, or even ordering something new on a menu, it’s normal to ask a plethora of questions as you are investing both time and money in the process. Just like these instances, asking your cement contractor a few questions prior to can help ensure both parties understand the needs of one another. Here are a few questions to ask your cement contractor beforehand:


“Do you have a portfolio of your work I can see?”


As much as we want to instill trust in others right off the bat, when finances and time are involved, we want to make sure our needs are met. Similar to a resume, cement contractors have a portfolio of projects they have led or participated in. This will give you a good idea of the work they have done in the past and compare it to your task-at-hand. In the same realm, you can also ask their experience level. Are they just starting? Have they been in the business for over a decade? Albeit, the determining factor is the quality of work, many people are curious about the experience level.


Similar to asking for a portfolio, asking for references is just as important. The reception given based on work previously done is a telling sign as to whether or not to proceed with service.


“What permits (if any) do you need to obtain for the project?”


Cement contractors have a high-level knowledge of the permit process and understand what permits are necessary depending on the project. For example, resurfacing a sidewalk in the downtown may require permits from the city. It’s important that both parties understand the permit process and the permits required prior to completing the project to avoid discrepancies down the road and potential legal ramifications.


“Can you walk me through the process. What will you be using and what does the timeline look like?”


Similar to any process we go through that may be out of our full control, we want to know how it will be done and when it will be done. This will also give you a good indication as to whether or not the cement contractor can fulfill your needs within the allotted time frame.


It’s also important to note what products are being used for a variety of reasons. All products have a correlating maintenance guide, ergo, some require different post-process care than others. Should an issue arise at any time, knowing what products were utilized can help you better communicate with those aiding in the resolution process.


“Will you be handling this project or do you have a team to help you?”


Knowing who is working on the project at hand and how many people are not only important for knowing just how many people will be on site, but for liability purposes as well. Depending on the size of the job, cement contractors may have a team with them to aid in decreasing the timeframe of completion. There will typically be an individual managing the project and operations and it’s essential to note who this individual is as well as what role others play in the project.


“What safety measures will you be taking on the job?”


The duties of cement contractors involve a lot of labour and machinery, ergo, the risk of injury is higher than those who work in sedentary occupations. Most cement contractors have the necessary level of insurance needed should anything happen, however, it’s important to confirm this prior to the start of any work. If a worker does NOT have the necessary insurance, in the event of an injury on the job, the expenses could land on you.


Cement contractors also go through a high level of training prior to working on any projects. The training includes safe work practices which includes; guidelines on how to create a safe work environment, what do to in the event of an injury (either incurred from oneself or a fellow worker), who to report to following an injury, how to handle various equipment that could be grounds for injury, etc.


When it comes to hiring a cement contractor worker or workers, you want to ensure you find the best one/s for your project needs. Asking questions is a vital part of doing so and can determine if the project is a viable fit on both ends.


Looking to hire a cement contractor for your commercial or residential needs? Contact us today and get the answers YOU need!