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At Pedron Contracting, we specialize in commercial, residential, and industrial concrete work, pouring:
  • High-rise buildings

  • Floors

  • Sidewalks

  • Retaining walls

  • Exposed aggregate

  • Stamped concrete

  • Patching

  • Grinding

  • Driveways

  • And much more

Broomed finish

Broomed finish

Expo finish

Expo finish

Polished finish

Polished finish

Smooth finish

Smooth finish

Stamped finish 1

Stamped finish 1

Stamped finish 2

Expo finish

What Does Placing and Finishing Include?

Pedron Contracting offers unparalleled concrete placing and finishing services in Vancouver and BC. Placing and finishing the concrete is an integral part of the process.

Mixing, transporting and handling operations will be all for naught if the concrete is poured faster than it can be spread, struck off, consolidated and bull floated.

Visible concrete, especially in parking lots, driveways, patios or highways need expert finishing. Depending on the intended use, concrete slabs can be finished in a number of ways.

At Pedron Contracting, we believe that no job is truly a success if it isn’t customized to your explicit requirements.

That is why we offer a wide range of colours and textures – patterned-stamped, exposed aggregate, etc.



The Essentials of Concrete Placing and Finishing

Achieving the right elevation and contouring is absolutely crucial. In view of this, some surfaces may call for a strike off and screeding whereas others may require a floated, broomed or troweled finish.

A strike off or screeding is when the operator cuts off the excess concrete that protrudes from the slab in order to achieve the right grade. The process of bull floating reduces low and high spots. Jointing eliminates unsightly cracks.

A finishing machine is used to float the concrete so that voids, humps, and imperfections are removed. The surface mortar is compacted to prepare the concrete for further operations. Troweling is done to bring a hard, smooth and dense surface to the concrete slab.

Lastly, if you want your concrete to have a slip-resistant veneer, brooming operations must be performed prior to the slab hardening.

Pedron Contracting offers industry-leading end-to-end concrete services for private or commercial projects in the Greater Vancouver area and across BC. Require concrete pumping, placing, or forming for buildings, pavements, driveways, curbs, parking lots, agricultural silos, high-rises, swimming pools, dams, bridges, porches, basements or patios? You’ve just found the right man for the job!

Concrete placing and finishing is a nuanced process and one that takes some doing. There are three vital steps that are involved in this procedure.


Selecting Quality Ingredients

Density and sturdiness of the concrete are vital. The individual components and their proportions that go into creating the concrete are the very basis for ensuring the final product is crack-free, sturdy and able to withstand tough Canadian weathers.

There are several parameters that the operator must get right such as cement to water ratios, aggregate size, chemical and mineral admixtures, etc. The rule of thumb is to carefully watch the water ratio – too much causes weak concrete and too little makes it absolutely unworkable.

An improper mix, where even one of the above elements is askew, will result in a shoddy end product that won’t the distance – especially in the face of heavy automotive or pedestrian traffic.



Timing the Pouring Process Just Right

How do you pour a good concrete structure? Concrete pouring is a surprisingly logistical process. Pouring operations must be synchronized with finishing operations. Simply put, if the concrete is poured too fast, the contractor will be unable to bull-float, plow off and reinforce it. In essence, the product will lack physical and compositional integrity. You may have unsightly globs, air bubbles, cracks or an uneven surface to deal with.

Concrete also splashes when running from the chute onto the site. To keep the adjoining space clean, plastic has to be laid over doors, sidewalks, and windows in close proximity. Additionally, when pouring, the entire form shouldn’t be filled as the extra concrete that has to be dragged back will be too massive for the screeding shaft to handle.

The concrete delivery truck should be located in the immediate proximity of the site. If not possible, operators transfer the concrete with a crane or wagon to the final spot or alternatively, use a pipe or hose to minimize the time between pouring and finishing.



Expert Concrete Finishing

What is concrete finishing? This process pertains to the final treatment of the concrete slab after consolidation. It may involve pushing a blade over the freshly placed concrete to flatten it out (known as screeding).

Following which, the concrete is floated and troweled to make it compacted and help it attain a smooth exterior just as it begins to harden. After the concrete has hardened, an electrical tool can be used to rough up the surface so as to provide traction. You can even choose between several decorative finishes such as marble chips, ceramic tiles, pavers, etc. to make it that much more attractive.


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