07 Dec 2020
Snowy Sidewalk

Winter is Coming and Pedron Contracting is Ready

Winter is rapidly approaching and winterizing your concrete surfaces is crucial to maintaining its best quality. Pedron Contracting can help you avoid concrete and asphalt damage by properly assessing your surfaces to reduce deterioration during harsh months.

Pedron Contracting has been serving the Metro Vancouver area for the last 24 years, and we have seen our fair share of winters. Our expert contracting team has helped thousands of people winterize their surfaces to further save them on expenses and hefty replacement costs. 

If you are currently debating whether to hire a licensed contractor or DYI’ing your winterized project, the best option is to trust a professional.


Why Should You Winterize Your Outdoor Surfaces?

Hairline cracks that seem harmless during warmer weather can lead to unsafe walking spaces during the freezing winter months. Whether your driveway, asphalt or pavement has been visibly deteriorating, a licensed Pedron contractor has the proven knowledge and machinery to stop further damage. 

Though there are simple ways of slowing down the disintegration of your outdoor surface, like shovelling snow, using a hot-air blower to melt away snow and salting your surfaces periodically, concrete pumping and forming are best left to the licensed professionals. 

Besides providing leading industry professional advice, we offer dependable hands-on knowledge that helps the surfaces of your home or business remain safe during winter. 


Professionally Assessing Your Outdoor Surface 

Concrete pumping is advised to be administered only by a contracting expert, and it is highly discouraged to tackle it on your own as it requires heavy tools and professional machinery. Concrete pumping is essential to the integrity of concrete as it can successfully repair degraded surfaces that have arisen over the course of time; we offer expertise in concrete footings, structural pours to aid retaining walls and concrete columns, pumping for pools, slabs for floors and ceilings in high-rise buildings and provide radiant concrete floors. 

A concrete contractor can successfully appraise your pavement and asphalt and further offer credible and experienced advice in lengthening its concrete lifespan through all of winter’s harsh conditions. 


Why Doing-It-Yourself Can Cost Your More Financially

Concrete forming is imperative in reinforcing the structural integrity of your outdoor surfaces and we only enlist the best contractors in Greater Vancouver. Your renovations cannot function without a concrete form that enables your future project to assume the final shape while the iron, aluminum or plywood used creates a sturdy foundation. 

A Pedron contractor has the proper equipment and tools to create a high-standard winterized surface while trying to perform concrete forming by yourself can result in a weak concrete infrastructure that can deteriorate after a short period of time. 

Concrete Finishing Services

We pride ourselves on expert concrete finishing services that serve commercial, residential and industrial outdoor surfaces because, without proper concrete finishing, the job is not done. This crucial step allows the option of a slip-resistant veneer, eliminates unseen cracks and it makes the outdoor surface overall more aesthetically pleasing.

 Simply put, concrete finishing is integral to the proper maintenance of winterizing your outdoor surfaces as it eliminates errors that might have been missed with concrete pouring and pumping. 


An Experienced Licensed Contractor is Worth It in the Long Run

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe outdoor environment through all Canadian seasons, especially the unpredictable winter weather conditions. Hiring a licensed contractor is the best way to ensure that your driveway, asphalt and pavement doesn’t deteriorate after one Canadian blizzard. 

Start winterizing your outdoor surfaces with our licensed contractors and contact us at info@pedroncontracting.com