17 Feb 2021
concrete contractor

The grass is greener on the other side – or is it? Replacing your grass lawn doesn’t have to look like a barren desert. Lower maintenance concrete lawns are becoming more prominent on the Canadian front and backyards as an alternative to traditional grass yards. 

Decreasing the amount of grass on your property can decrease your bills, create a modern aesthetic, and reduce harmful fertilizers usage.

Our dependable concrete contractors in Burnaby, BC have helped thousands of clients in achieving their desired concrete objectives with skilled experience and positive customer service. Whether you are looking to remodel your courtyard, front yard, backyard patio or walking pathways, we can provide you with expert concrete pouring and finishing services.

Our concrete sidewalks contractors in Vancouver are industry qualified in concrete pumping, finishing, and forming. Pedron Contracting can advise you on how to make your concrete objectives a reality, all within an affordable price range. 

Concrete is proven to be a tenacious material in harsh Canadian climates and is a top material used in driveways, front entrances, sidewalks and patios. Our concrete services are a superior alternative to turfgrass. We show you why.


Benefits of Concrete Pouring Over Grass Lawns

Summer is approaching and you can’t wait to spend it cooking up something tasty on the barbecue. But wait, you have to mow and water your lawn first. Concrete front and backyards allow you to enjoy your time exactly how you want it. Here are some additional benefits of concrete projects over traditional grass lawns:

Savings on your Water Bill Less grass means less need for watering. Less water usage results in a drastic cut in your water bill meaning more money in your pocket long-term.
Reduced Maintenance Concrete doesn’t need constant upkeep to remain in excellent condition. Spend your evenings admiring your lawn instead of maintaining it.
Environmentally Friendly Concrete does not contain any toxic elements and chemicals that can be found in grass fertilizer.
Aesthetically Pleasing A garden concrete path enhances any outdoor entryway. We will work with your specific designs in mind to transform your ideas into reality.


Concrete Projects That Enhance Your Home Better Than Grass Turf

Front and backyards should be welcoming. Install an inviting concrete project to enhance your home’s value and create an inviting environment for your guests. 

Exposed aggregate concrete is a modern way to enhance your front and backyard. The unique colour and texture it provides over grass give your home an overall stylish aesthetic. Our concrete finishing services include high gloss sealing that protects your concrete from oil and rust stains.

Walking Pathways A concrete pathway doesn’t have to be boring. It can provide a passage through your yard and welcomes visitors to your home while integrating your unique architectural design. Where grass pathways need frequent maintenance, concrete pathways remain beautiful for a long period of time.
Frontyard Convert a weedy lawn into an inviting area for your family and friends. A concrete front yard will increase the time you spent with your loved ones and decrease the need for lawn-mowing.
Backyard Patio The backyard patio serves as the central spot for entertaining guests during warm months or a reclusive area for tranquil self-reflection. Our concrete projects will make your patio look expensive while keeping you within your budget.


Reduce Maintenance and Save on Water Bills – Call Our Concrete Contractors in Burnaby, BC

Increase your home’s value and enhance its aesthetic with concrete lawns. Our experienced contractors can work with your unique project to help your vision come to life. Get a quote here, or contact us at info@pedroncontracting.com.