11 Aug 2020
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No matter the scale of your concrete job, picking the right or wrong one can quite literally make or break your project. Finding the right contractor is not only important for your wallet but also the job further down the line, sometimes hiring the wrong fit or attempting the job on your own can lead to much more expenses and headache down the road.


Pedron Contracting is a fantastic concrete contractor in Vancouver dedicated to your best interests, giving you some of the best concrete finishing services in BC.


The first step to finding a concrete contractor

Obviously an initial first search is needed, finding whos in your area, who provides the service you need. Going to family and friends for personal recommendations is great to get an idea of who to work with, or avoid, and even a bit about the process if this is your first time. Having a good list of potential contractors is a great start to find the best fit for your project. 


The right experienced contractor will be an active participant throughout the whole process, not only giving you a quality job but also service, and information to make sure you understand and are satisfied with their work. The more time they spend to get to know your project and you the better they can fit their work to you, because concrete can have many options and additional things to help it better fit whatever you’ll use it for.


Now what should you ask a contractor?

A very important thing is to verify insurance, there’s always a possibility of something happening and you need to make sure you’re protected. Ask about their coverage and any limitations their insurance has such as dates. The next thing to ask for is references, even if they are personally recommended by a close friend it’s a great idea to look into their history and see what others think too. Knowing about the type of job, the timeline, the contractor’s communication and involvement throughout can be fantastic to know, especially if it is a similar job to yours. 


While talking with contractors and deciding who you might go with make sure to pay attention to how they respond and treat you and your project. You can tell a lot about a person by how they act, if they hesitate to answer your questions, don’t call you back, or seem standoffish you can take this as a sign to how they would treat the job as well. Likewise, if someone communicates well, responds to all your questions clearly, and works to make sure this job goes through you can take that as a good sign for their work further ahead. 


DIY Work vs a Contractor

Doing it yourself, especially for smaller projects, can seem very tempting and look like it saves you a lot of money, but more likely than not something can go wrong. The concrete doesn’t set right, is disturbed before it sets, mixing goes wrong, finishing done poorly, and more can go wrong without the right experience behind the work.


This can cost you in the long run, depending on how poorly concrete was poured it might have to be removed and completely repoured. A qualified contractor will be able to tell if a slab is sound and determine any imperfections, refinement, and finishing issues. 


Turn to a Trusted Concrete Contracting Firm in BC

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