13 Oct 2020
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Concrete is a huge part of any project. It can literally set the foundation for how the rest of development will go, that’s why you need only the best backing you up. With the right people who are experienced in concrete pumping, placing, finishing, and forming you will notice the difference. 

Pedron Contracting provides concrete finishing services, serving clients in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley, Surrey, and Richmond and surrounding areas. Whether you need concrete patio contractors, residential walls, sidewalks, or more Pedron Contracting can give you just what you need.


Concrete Pumping 

For your concrete pumping jobs, you want the best because everything can, quite literally, rest on this. You should go for teams with operators that are not only experienced but also certified by the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC). Once you know they are certified you can be confident in their own safety practices as well. Strictly following federal regulations and safety codes are integral to a successful job, to say the least. 

Having versatile options and types of concrete is a big benefit, this can help them better fit your needs and your specific job. Such options can range from fibre, fluid, foamed, self-compacting, lightweight or grout. They should also be able to fit your application no problem, having pumps cover stairs, walls, basements, porches, underpinning, suspended slabs, footings and much more.


Concrete Placing and Finishing

Depending on your vision and needs you might have different finishings for certain areas such as a floated, broomed or troweled finish and so finishing can be a bit of an involved process that takes time to get right. First up is working with quality ingredients with a proper mix, each component and the proportions in the mix will determine if the finished work is sturdy, crack-free, and can withstand any tough weather.

How the concrete is placed or poured, is integral to its final form. If it’s too fast it can easily lack compositional and physical integrity, giving you globs, air bubbles, cracks, and an uneven surface. Next finishing refers to the final treatment of the concrete, it is initially floated and trowled then after hardening there are different options on the finishing. Having the surface minorly roughed up to provide traction, adding in marble chips, tiles, pavers, and more.


Concrete Forming

Concrete forms are basically a barrier that reinforces the concrete, helping it maintain its shape and that it stays in place. This is especially important for shaped concrete, such as in more modern design buildings. Forms are integral to a proper concrete placing process, having a well designed and sturdy form is necessary to manipulate the concrete how you want confidently without any worries. 

Having the ability to create custom forms and accessories to accommodate any project whether big or small is a great sign of a company being dedicated to your project’s success and the life of the concrete involved. Insulating forms are also an option depending on the intended use of your concrete, they are non-removable and provide insulation by having a mix of materials like wood fibre and cement or plastic foam beads and cement.


Turn to the Most Trusted Concrete Contractors in the Greater Vancouver Area

Serving clients in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and surrounding areas

Pedron Contracting is ready to exceed your expectations for any pumping, placing, finishing, and forming needs you have! Our quotes are not only affordable but also fully transparent and consistent.

Have the most skilled certified operators on your project, with years backed by experience, expertise, and a full breadth of projects to back you up. Our team works with anchoring, precast,  flatwork, foundational pours, high-rise construction, infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, road work and much more!

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