05 Jan 2021
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Pedron Contracting offers highly skilled concrete patio contractors that work with all of our clients to ensure that their concrete projects come to fruition no matter the season. 

Contrary to popular belief, concrete forming can be properly placed, finished and cured in the winter. Pedron Contracting has specialized in concrete pumping, forming, placing and finishing services through all Canadian weather conditions. We take the extra precautions for you so don’t have to worry about the safety of your project.

We have served Metro Vancouver and the surrounding area, offering all of our clients custom solutions, hands-on knowledge and skills, affordable prices and industry-leading expertise.


Best Practices in Concrete Forming in the Winter

Winter can add extra risks to finishing your concrete project. It is highly advised to hire our services to help you with concrete pouring during the winter, as we can offer valuable advice and produce optimal results. We want to see our clients’ concrete surfaces succeed no matter the weather conditions and here are some precautions to keep in mind:


Pay attention to the temperature of the ground: The air temperature may be above 0 degrees, but the ground might be frozen. Pouring concrete on frozen ground results in premature cracking.

Add additional cement to your mix: Freshly poured concrete can lose 50% of its effectiveness within the first 24 hours if it is frozen.  Extra cement will strengthen the foundation of your concrete and ensure proper installation.

Add hot water instead of cold: Hot water stabilizes the concrete’s temperature during plunging conditions. Hot water will ensure the concrete can be properly poured.

Crucial Tips for Curing Concrete in the Winter

It is highly recommended and advisable to hire our company to assist you in your concrete curing during the winter months. Pedron Contracting will efficiently produce the correct concrete results that you ask for and we are aware of the additional factors that have to be considered such as:

Maintaining a proper ratio of water and cement mixture

Using external heating options when dealing with temperature under 4 degrees Celsius.

Checking the temperature of the concrete while it is curing

Using concrete sealants to increase the life expectancy of the project

After the concrete mixture has been poured, it has to be properly covered with insulated blankets to properly cure the concrete

Concrete curing is not a difficult task in the winter if you have our skilled contractors helping you out. We follow proper concrete curing and forming standards that will minimize the cracking of your concrete project.


We Guarantee an Excellent Concrete Finish

A concrete finish is crucial to maximizing the lifespan of your concrete. Pedron Contracting will ensure a solid concrete finish that increases the strength of your concrete surface, reduces surface permeability and decreases the chances of cracking over long periods of time.

We optimize your concrete pouring and curing by eliminating the risk of premature concrete splitting. We dedicate ourselves to providing the utmost customer satisfaction while producing high-quality services. 

Pedron Contracting specializes in superior concrete projects. We take pride in our high-quality craftsmanship and customer service. If you need to make your concrete project come to life during winter, Pedron Contracting will help you achieve that goal.

Your concrete project should be left in the hands of knowledgeable experts. We want to help you accomplish all your concrete projects, no matter the weather conditions. 

 To get a quote with one of our contractors, contrast us 24/7 at  info@pedroncontracting.com