17 Feb 2021
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The grass is greener on the other side – or is it? Replacing your grass lawn doesn’t have to look like a barren desert. Lower maintenance concrete lawns are becoming more prominent on the Canadian front and backyards as an alternative to traditional grass yards. 

Decreasing the amount of grass on your property can decrease your bills, create a modern aesthetic, and reduce harmful fertilizers usage.

Our dependable concrete contractors in Burnaby, BC have helped thousands of clients in achieving their desired concrete objectives with skilled experience and positive customer service. Whether you are looking to remodel your courtyard, front yard, backyard patio or walking pathways, we can provide you with expert concrete pouring and finishing services.

Our concrete sidewalks contractors in Vancouver are industry qualified in concrete pumping, finishing, and forming. Pedron Contracting can advise you on how to make your concrete objectives a reality, all within an affordable price range. 

Concrete is proven to be a tenacious material in harsh Canadian climates and is a top material used in driveways, front entrances, sidewalks and patios. Our concrete services are a superior alternative to turfgrass. We show you why.


Benefits of Concrete Pouring Over Grass Lawns

Summer is approaching and you can’t wait to spend it cooking up something tasty on the barbecue. But wait, you have to mow and water your lawn first. Concrete front and backyards allow you to enjoy your time exactly how you want it. Here are some additional benefits of concrete projects over traditional grass lawns:

Savings on your Water Bill Less grass means less need for watering. Less water usage results in a drastic cut in your water bill meaning more money in your pocket long-term.
Reduced Maintenance Concrete doesn’t need constant upkeep to remain in excellent condition. Spend your evenings admiring your lawn instead of maintaining it.
Environmentally Friendly Concrete does not contain any toxic elements and chemicals that can be found in grass fertilizer.
Aesthetically Pleasing A garden concrete path enhances any outdoor entryway. We will work with your specific designs in mind to transform your ideas into reality.


Concrete Projects That Enhance Your Home Better Than Grass Turf

Front and backyards should be welcoming. Install an inviting concrete project to enhance your home’s value and create an inviting environment for your guests. 

Exposed aggregate concrete is a modern way to enhance your front and backyard. The unique colour and texture it provides over grass give your home an overall stylish aesthetic. Our concrete finishing services include high gloss sealing that protects your concrete from oil and rust stains.

Walking Pathways A concrete pathway doesn’t have to be boring. It can provide a passage through your yard and welcomes visitors to your home while integrating your unique architectural design. Where grass pathways need frequent maintenance, concrete pathways remain beautiful for a long period of time.
Frontyard Convert a weedy lawn into an inviting area for your family and friends. A concrete front yard will increase the time you spent with your loved ones and decrease the need for lawn-mowing.
Backyard Patio The backyard patio serves as the central spot for entertaining guests during warm months or a reclusive area for tranquil self-reflection. Our concrete projects will make your patio look expensive while keeping you within your budget.


Reduce Maintenance and Save on Water Bills – Call Our Concrete Contractors in Burnaby, BC

Increase your home’s value and enhance its aesthetic with concrete lawns. Our experienced contractors can work with your unique project to help your vision come to life. Get a quote here, or contact us at info@pedroncontracting.com.


16 Nov 2020
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There is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day and enjoying your backyard with a cold drink in your hand. A concrete patio (stamped or poured) is extremely cost-effective and durable, and gives the impression of a well-groomed backyard without much effort; a concrete patio specifically, increases much value to your home compared to loose and mixed materials.

Pedron is a trusted concrete patio contractor dedicated to adding care and quality to all your concrete projects. Need a quote for your upcoming project? Don’t worry: it’s completely free. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call our administrative office at (604)-936-8484 or email us at info@pedroncontracting.com.

Expect top quality pumping, placing and Concrete finishing services with Pedron Contracting.


Why You Should Choose Us

 Pedron Contracting has been a strong customer-service based company with commercial and residential projects that provide durable, reliable and market-leading prices. Pedron Contracting prides itself on quality craftsmanship that has converted clients into loyal customers throughout the years within Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley and Burnaby. If you are in the area of Metro Vancouver in particular, Pedron is one of the best concrete forming contractors in Burnaby


Stamp(ing) and Pouring Out  The Competition 

A stamped concrete patio mixes sand, water, cement and gravel to produce industry-leading textured textile on the market, as it can resemble wood, flagstone and brick amongst others. If you are questioning if it is cheaper to build a deck or pour concrete, pouring concrete is the cheaper option. Along with being more cost-effective, concrete patios are much less slippery in the wintertime, less overall maintenance as they do not need to be power washed and stained every couple of years, a deck will have a shorter lifespan as they can fade and discolour from use and weather and a deck will have weight restrictions where the concrete patio does not.

Stamped Concrete comes in a variety of different colours and textures and it is prepared onsite, meaning that you can change the shade of colour right until the moment it is poured. This sort of patio textile appears a tad more luxurious than poured, solid concrete but it also needs a little more care and treatment over the years as they can eventually crack. A concrete patio is no thicker than 6 inches, where an average is anywhere between 3-4 inches high.


What’s It Going To Cost Me?

The stamped, or paved concrete patio method costs anywhere from $8 to $12 per square foot, and it is 3 times more expensive than regular poured concrete at $3 to $6 per square foot.

A poured concrete patio ranges from $2000 to $4000, where a stamped concrete patio is a little steeper ranging from $3000 to $5200. Where installing a concrete, poured or stamped, a patio can be an investment, there are some that suggest that you can stamp concrete to save from breaking the bank; because stamped concrete needs to be moulded on wet concrete, this method is only properly attainable by a licensed contractor.


Stamped Concrete vs Poured Concrete: So What’s the Verdict?

 If you are looking for a long-lasting patio, you should opt for the Stamped Concrete option. Though it is more expensive, it will last you twice as long as the poured concrete option. A stamped concrete patio is less maintenance, supports more weight than poured and it is customizable to suit your exact image. 

Whether you choose to enhance your patio with poured concrete or stamped concrete, it is always advisable to hire a concrete patio contractor. A licensed contractor has the appropriate knowledge, experience and top-of-the-line equipment to transform your vision into a reality. Pedron Contracting has over 20 years of expertise in concrete finishing services and can inform you of how you can keep your patio in the best possible condition. Stamped Concrete especially, needs to be installed by a licensed professional because the mix of cement and water determines the longevity and overall aesthetic of the patio. 

A stamped patio is well-worth the investment and it can transform your house into a forever home. Let Pedron Contracting help transform your ideas into a reality without emptying your wallet.


Turn to Trusted Patio Contractors in Metro Vancouver. Get a Quote: 604-936-8484


22 Oct 2020

Pedron Contracting is ready to exceed your expectations for any pumping, placing, finishing, and forming needs you have! Our quotes are not only affordable but also fully transparent and consistent.

Have the most skilled certified operators on your project, with years backed by experience, expertise, and a full breadth of projects to back you up. Our team works with anchoring, precast,  flatwork, foundational pours, high-rise construction, infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, road work and much more!

Need a quote for your upcoming project? Don’t worry: it’s completely free. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call our administrative office at (604)-936-8484 or email us at info@pedroncontracting.com.

19 Oct 2018

Pedron Contracting specializes in concrete pumping, placing and finishing, and forming solutions. Our customized concrete contracting services in Vancouver are backed by three very important factors: 1. High standards of professionalism and safety, 2. Smart and cost-effective solutions, 3. 22 years of industry expertise.

We adopt an end-to-end stance on contracting and excavation. Here’s what you can count on when you enlist our team for the job.


Free Consultation and Site Walkthrough

Preparation is important so that you can enjoy top-notch solutions without compromise. To customize our services so as to be effective and affordable for your concrete requirements, our expert assessors perform a site walkthrough and accordingly discuss with you what works best for the project you have in mind.


Pumping Services

Regardless of your residential or commercial needs – whether you require pumping services for applications such as suspended slabs, porches, stairs, walls, footings, sonotubes, basements or underpinning, we deliver solutions that are built to last. Versatility is our specialty. There’s nothing that our pumping applications haven’t seen! Whether we’re tackling self-compacting, grout, lightweight, fiber, and foamed concrete, our state-of-the-art equipment performs as promised.


Placing and Finishing Services

Expect placing and finishing services that are delivered with equal care. Exposed concrete like those on highways, patios, driveways and parking lots require careful spreading, striking off, consolidation and bull floating. We first assess the intended use of the concrete slab and decide the most optimal finishing solution. Visual appeal is a critical component. Whether you’d like your concrete in a certain colour or texture – exposed aggregate, patterned stamped, etc., we aim to deliver.


Forming Services

Our concrete forming services add the final touches to the project. They create a solid barrier to reinforce the strength and integrity of the concrete. Looking for services for anchoring, infrastructural, flat work, high-rise construction, foundation pours, tunnels and bridge projects? We offer smart solutions that you wouldn’t get anywhere else in Vancouver!


Certified Operators

We use industry-grade equipment that would be useless in the wrong hands. Outstanding workmanship is part and parcel of what you sign up for. At Pedron Contracting, our operators come certified by the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC). They adhere to the most stringent federal codes of safety and bring with them a level of finesse that only years of hands-on work can provide.


Unbeatable and Transparent Quotes

None of the above would mean much if we didn’t back them up with consistent, affordable and transparent quotes. When you come to Pedron Contracting, you’re gaining access to unbeatable rates that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We create a customized pricing strategy to suit your project. Rest assured, you only pay for what you get – no frills or hidden TOCs.


Have a Concrete Job in Mind?

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