19 Oct 2018

Pedron Contracting specializes in concrete pumping, placing and finishing, and forming solutions. Our customized concrete contracting services in Vancouver are backed by three very important factors: 1. High standards of professionalism and safety, 2. Smart and cost-effective solutions, 3. 22 years of industry expertise.

We adopt an end-to-end stance on contracting and excavation. Here’s what you can count on when you enlist our team for the job.


Free Consultation and Site Walkthrough

Preparation is important so that you can enjoy top-notch solutions without compromise. To customize our services so as to be effective and affordable for your concrete requirements, our expert assessors perform a site walkthrough and accordingly discuss with you what works best for the project you have in mind.


Pumping Services

Regardless of your residential or commercial needs – whether you require pumping services for applications such as suspended slabs, porches, stairs, walls, footings, sonotubes, basements or underpinning, we deliver solutions that are built to last. Versatility is our specialty. There’s nothing that our pumping applications haven’t seen! Whether we’re tackling self-compacting, grout, lightweight, fiber, and foamed concrete, our state-of-the-art equipment performs as promised.


Placing and Finishing Services

Expect placing and finishing services that are delivered with equal care. Exposed concrete like those on highways, patios, driveways and parking lots require careful spreading, striking off, consolidation and bull floating. We first assess the intended use of the concrete slab and decide the most optimal finishing solution. Visual appeal is a critical component. Whether you’d like your concrete in a certain colour or texture – exposed aggregate, patterned stamped, etc., we aim to deliver.


Forming Services

Our concrete forming services add the final touches to the project. They create a solid barrier to reinforce the strength and integrity of the concrete. Looking for services for anchoring, infrastructural, flat work, high-rise construction, foundation pours, tunnels and bridge projects? We offer smart solutions that you wouldn’t get anywhere else in Vancouver!


Certified Operators

We use industry-grade equipment that would be useless in the wrong hands. Outstanding workmanship is part and parcel of what you sign up for. At Pedron Contracting, our operators come certified by the Concrete Pumping Association of Canada (CPAC). They adhere to the most stringent federal codes of safety and bring with them a level of finesse that only years of hands-on work can provide.


Unbeatable and Transparent Quotes

None of the above would mean much if we didn’t back them up with consistent, affordable and transparent quotes. When you come to Pedron Contracting, you’re gaining access to unbeatable rates that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We create a customized pricing strategy to suit your project. Rest assured, you only pay for what you get – no frills or hidden TOCs.


Have a Concrete Job in Mind?

We’d love to help deliver outstanding and long-term results. Call us at 604-418-5375 to get started!