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Finished Concrete

Want Professionally Finished Concrete?


Over a Quarter Century of Concrete Forming Experience

Pedron Contracting’s experience includes projects from high-rise structures and heavy industrial equipment foundations to grade walls and expansive slab finishing using a variety of forming systems.


Our forming systems include pre-engineered to traditional stick forming. We offer a wide range of services such as:

curbs & gutters



slab on grades

retaining walls

residential curbs

concrete steps

concrete patios

What Do Concrete Forming Services Include?

  • If you’re eager to make your concrete forming project cost-effective and long-lasting, Pedron Contracting uses high-quality and innovative forming supplies to get the job done! 

  • Concrete forms are essentially a solid barrier that reinforces the concrete so that it maintains a certain shape and stays in place. Besides these basic applications, our state-of-the-art industry-grade equipment also provides decorative effects or insulation to your projects just as you desire!

  • At Pedron Contracting, our end-to-end concrete forming products include systems, accessories, precast products, bridge and road work applications and anchoring systems. We’re your one-stop destination for outstanding concrete forming solutions – no matter how big or small!

  • Whether you require the right workmanship and expertise for anchoring, slab on grade, flat work, foundational pours, infrastructure, high-rise construction, precast, tunnels, bridges and road work, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Our quotes are the most affordable in the industry and continue to remain transparent and consistent. When you partner with Pedron Contracting, you’re partnering with a promise – a promise to receive the most skilled operators right here in Vancouver!

Occupation by the construction workers poured concrete.

Pedron Contracting offers state-of-the-art concrete forms that are strong enough to handle your household or commercial project. If you need certified concrete contractors in the Greater Vancouver area or across BC, you’ve come to the right place!

Can My Project Do Without a Concrete Form?

To put it simply, you can’t do without them. Concrete forms and forming are an integral part of the concrete placing process. In order to enable the concrete to fill the available void and assume the final shape, it needs a well-designed and sturdy form to manipulate the way it moves and sets.


What is a concrete form and why do you need it for your project? A concrete form is a solid container that holds the concrete in place or coaxes it to take on a certain shape. This form can be made from iron, aluminum or plywood. Rebar is then placed against this wall to brace it, after which the concrete is injected into the cavity. Without a form, manipulating and working with the concrete will be near impossible as it is in a semi-solid state that will flow over the designated workspace and leak onto adjoining areas, creating a mess.

After the concrete hardens, the form is drawn away to leave the concrete slabs in their final state.

Insulating Concrete Forms

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) differ from regular forms. These forms are non-removable, meaning that they will be a permanent part of the final concrete assembly. They provide added insulation properties to the assembly. To lend ICFs these insulation properties, they are commonly made from materials like wood fiber and cement or plastic foam beads and cement.


Polystyrene ICFs are made from 15% recyclable materials. Prior to being put through a die, they are obtained by expanding plastic resin. ICFs offer at least 2 inches of insulation on both sides of the concrete assembly. Owing to their thermal efficacy, they are able to slash energy costs tremendously.  


At Pedron, we use custom concrete forming accessories to accommodate a whole host of projects – whether big or small – in the Greater Vancouver area and across BC. Concrete forming systems, precast products, anchoring tools, road and bridge products and more are available to you when you hire a certified Pedron contractor.

Construction Worker Using Level on Insulated Concrete Forms at Building Site
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